Tickets are available online, on a first-come/first-serve basis. Tickets may be purchased at the ice rink, but quantities may be limited. Those who attempt to purchase tickets in-person will be shown a QR-code to purchase tickets on their smartphones; if the present time is fully booked, the guest will be shown other available times to skate. If you are unable to purchase your tickets on a smart device, you may still purchase your tickets on-site via traditional cash or credit card transaction.

To guarantee admission, we highly recommend purchasing your tickets online ahead of time.

Check the public operating hours on this website. Tickets may be purchased online in advance or on-site. Your reservation is only valid for the time(s) and date(s) purchased. Tickets are for 75 minutes of skating time, which begins at the time of check-in.

No, your ticket is non-transferrable to another day, or to another person.

We continue to skate in light rain or drizzle. If heavy rain or severe storm conditions are expected, resulting in a venue closure, all ticket purchasers will be notified by email and have the opportunity to reschedule.

For all issues or questions related to e-ticketing, please contact us at support@icerinkevents.com.

Yes, we have lockers. The lockers are a $5 rental fee.

No. The ice skating rink is accessible without a movie ticket. Movie tickets are sold separately.

The maximum skate size is an adult 13.

Skates other than speed skates are allowed. The full admission charge is still required to skate.

All lost property will be kept at the Ice Rink Box Office. You can call the ice rink during business hours. You can call us during ice rink hours, November 19, 2021 – January 17, 2022 at (682) 704-7711

There is no minimum age for children, but all children under 12 years of age must be supervised. Our smallest skate size is children’s size 9. We also offer adjustable double blade skates for children 3 and under. These make scooting around the ice easier and will work for any child who is able to walk on their own. We advise parents to use their discretion as to whether the child will enjoy the experience if they are very young.

No one is allowed on the ice without appropriate ice skates. Parents and guardians are not allowed to carry children while on the ice.

Skating time will be limited to 75 minutes.

Yes. Seasonal food and beverages will be available in addition to the full menu offered at the Coyote Drive-In Canteen. If you are having a birthday party, you may bring a cake or cupcakes.

The ice rink is outdoors and therefore you should plan to dress warm enough to sustain being outside in the daily conditions. Socks are required (tall socks are encouraged). Gloves are recommended regardless of the conditions and will also be available for purchase on-site. At times, the ice may become wet, skaters should dress accordingly.

Yes. However, you cannot access them while wearing skates. You must remove your skates before going to the restroom.

Revenues from the skate rentals will cover installation and staffing expenses at Panther Island Ice. Any proceeds support Trinity River recreation and programming initiatives on Panther Island brought to you by the Tarrant Regional Water District.

No. Panther Island Ice is a seasonal event. It is open to the public seven days a week, including holidays, from November 19, 2021 – January 17, 2022.

No! Admission is only required for those wishing to skate. If you would like to sit back and watch friends and family on the ice, you are welcome to do so free of charge.

Yes, but must pay full admission and be accompanied by a strong skater.